How to Prevent Certificate Fraud in Education and Training With Blockchain

Refrain from being suspicious only of certificates with weak language. Beware of those tries too hard to sound refined and intellectual as well. You can pick up many warning signs from thoroughly analyzing the language of the certificates.
To customize a certificate template, you can simply select the template you want to customize and replace the default text with your own information. You can also change the fonts, colors, and other design elements to suit your needs. • Educational institutions can provide certificates to students who have completed a course, program, or degree.
Early this year, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations started a crackdown on fake certificate holders in formal jobs, saying that they will partner with the Kenya National Qualifications Authority to mark out the fraudsters. On the site, KCSE and Kasneb certificates, and Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees each cost Sh6,000, while a KCPE and diploma certificate each goes for Sh5,000. A degree certificate with transcripts costs Sh7,500, while a diploma certificate with transcripts costs Sh6,500. Create posters and flyers online for your business within seconds using beautiful and professional design templates. Digital Marketing, Branding, Marketing Experts, Social media marketing, designing, cover photos for your shop restaurant office or social sites Advertisement banner maker Typography Artwork online.
Ships in 5-7 business days for non-priority or 2-4 business days with priority. Everything in the certificate template can be customized any way you like. All text can be changed into your preferred fonts, and if you have a Standard Plan, you can import a special font for the certificate title. It will cost you nothing to make custom certificates or awards with Visme. You can download an image file and print on card paper at home as well.
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